About Us

Your best pawning agency in Johannesburg

Loan Against Car Johannesburg was started in 2002 with aim of helping people get through hard times and we provide you with same day loans to make it all the more easier when it comes to getting a loan.

Our staff members are trained and experienced to provide you with the best customers services and ensure that your loan adds relief to your life instead of it being a way deeper into your financial pit.

Cash in your bank guaranteed!

We want to ensure that you get the money you need in order to attend all your financial needs, there are many reasons a loan can be beneficial and some of them include:

  • Home Bills
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Educational Tuitions
  • Hospital Bills
  • Family Needs
  • Business Needs
  • A Vacation

Loan Against Car Johannesburg our staff members will ensure that you get the deal, work with us for:

  • Pre-loan Preparations
  • Maximum Cash Offerings
  • Access To Expert Advice
  • Loan Extensions
  • Same Day Car Inspections

Loan Against Car Johannesburg our goal has always been to make getting a loan as fast as possible because we know very well that urgent situations can pop out of nowhere!

We will make sure you get the cash you want, so get in touch with Loan Against Car Johannesburg for fast same day loans against your car.