Cash Loan Against Car

Cash Loan Against Car

Get the cash you need without losing your car, Cash Loan Against Car offers affordability checks that are meant to provide us with detailed information that will allow us to confidently make you an offer we know you can afford to pay back!

Cash Loan Against Car add a personal touch with a different way of offering loans for your car.

Most companies in and around offering loans against cars aim to eventually own your car because this way they stand to make a higher profit from you, This type of customer service can turn out to be very bad for you and that is why we are different.

At Cash Loan Against Car we choose to be different by being able to provide our customers with a more personal service that is aimed on ensuring that you are happy with the offer and that you will be able to make your repayments.

At Cash Loan Against Car our mission is to ensure that you get the loan you need without having to be depressed.

We provide you with the following Loan Against Car services:

  • Cleaning your car during the loan duration
  • Providing you with expert advise
  • Free vehicle inspection services
  • Document verification services

Cash Loan Against Car ensures you meet the requirements to get your loan approved!

At Cash Loan Against Car we don’t want to delay your process  of getting the cash you and we definitely do not want to waste your time. You will know by the end of the day if your loan has been approved or not.

Cash Loan Against Car only  needs the following to help you get the most out of your loan application:

1. Collateral car loan

  1. Secured loan car title
  2. Cash loans against vehicles
  3. Vehicle pawn loans
  4. Cash loan against bakkie/truck/motorbike
  5. Pawn your car and still drive it
  6. Secured loans against car
  7. Pawn car title
  8. Car pawn
  9. Borrow against my car
  • Car Ownership Documents
  • Identity Documents
  • 3 Month latest Bank Statements

Cash Loan Against Car offer fast cash for your modern and classic cars!

Modern Loan Against Car in
Modern Loan Against Car in

When you own a modern car less than 8 years old, you can use it to get a loan against it without having to worry about long procedures and processes that end up wasting your time. Use your car to secure a loan and get same time cash payments when you work with us.

Classic Cash Loan Against Car
Classic Cash Loan Against Car

Your classic car can get you up to R100 000 or more in cash. If you have a classic vehicle and you need to gain access to high amounts of cash into your hands. You can use your classic car as security to ensure that you get the money you need guaranteed.

We believe in providing the highest level of customer care and ensuring that we work together to gain everyone success and happiness.

At Cash Loan Against Car our staff members are experienced and qualified financial providers who will get you setup and ready to get the money you need. Get in touch with us for same day loan services when you need the most!